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What Is Rebranding?

In marketing, rebranding is an integrated marketing approach where a new brand, logo, symbol, name or concept, design, idea, or combination thereof is developed for an existing brand with the aim of creating a distinctive, differentiated identity in the consumers’ minds. In a corporate language, rebranding can be done through different channels such as print, electronic media and TV. For successful rebranding in advertising, it should be associated with a consistent theme that can be communicated effectively to the target audience. It should be able to resonate with consumers on a number of channels so that they become attached to the brand. For successful marketing, it requires a well-defined message coupled with a well-crafted design, so that the message is delivered effectively by the company.

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The core values of rebranding must be communicated clearly so that the consumer is able to identify the product and service for what it is. Core values must support and deliver the visual identity of the brand, especially when the rebranding activity involves a change in the name, symbols or colors of an existing product. Branding principles are designed to help create the visual identity of a corporate brand. Branding principles are primarily concerned with the values that shape the perception of the customer towards a particular brand so that he/she is able to form an impression about the brand.

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When you rebrand a logo, it does not mean that you have to sacrifice the quality of the logo. As mentioned above, rebranding can be done without losing the quality of the logo. It’s a good practice to keep the logo as-is for a few months after the rebranding, as this will allow you to get some feedback from the audience about the rebranding and shed a negative image if any.